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How to solve the heating problem of electric actuator of electric valve

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2019-12-17 16:05

 Usually, the working motor will be a little hot. Especially when switching frequently. Therefore, there is no problem with slight motor heating. If you touch it, it is obviously higher than the normal temperature, and the temperature does not drop after the valve is still for a few minutes. This is an abnormal phenomenon, and we need to solve it as soon as possible。At present, the best choice to solve this problem is to choose our patented product: extreme speed actuator. The test data in the following table shows that the heating of the motor is 22 times less than that of previous products, achieving an order of magnitude of progress and completely solving the heating problem of the motor.

1. Find out the reason: the motor is abnormally hot or overheated because the motor is active for a long time and cannot be cooled effectively. Therefore, when we find that the motor is very hot, we can use a pencil to test whether the motor has current. If there is current, it means that the motor is working. This is the cause of motor overheating.
2. After confirming that the motor is always working, the next step is to find out the cause of the problem and the reason why the motor cannot stop working. Electric valves usually have both mechanical and electronic limits. Normally, the electronic stop will lock the primary position first. The mechanical limit plays an auxiliary role.
3. First, we need to determine whether there are any sundries in the medium in the pipeline and whether the valve is not a full flow sealing structure. When the valve is fully open, the valve plate is still in the pipe. If weeds and sticks in the medium get stuck on the valve plate. If the valve cannot be moved to the fully open position, the electronic stop will not stop the motor and the motor will become hot.
4. If it is determined that there is no impurity in the medium, it is likely to be caused by the mismatch between the mechanical limit and the electronic limit. Generally, there is still a distance between the motor and the mechanical limit after it stops working under the interference of the electronic limit. If the electronic limit fails, the valve will be locked in the mechanical limit and the motor will continue to work. Causes fever. At this time, it is necessary to open the cover and check whether the stop of the microswitch responsible for the electronic limit has slipped or deviated from the original commissioning position. Adjust it to the normal position to solve the problem.
5. Another reason for the motor heating is that the torque of the electric actuator is too small, causing the motor to work overload. This requires a larger torque motor to solve the problem.


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