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Several great advantages of extreme speed electric actuator

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2019-12-17 16:04

1. The travel time of the actuator can reach 2-5 seconds, and the speed is 5-20 times of that of the traditional actuator, which can be called the extreme speed actuator!
2. It can meet the use scenarios of some solenoid valves, but it is more reliable than solenoid valves, with a wide range of applications and large caliber!
3. It can be faster than the pneumatic head, but no air supply is needed, which is more convenient, lighter, and more economical!
4. The wiring mode is the same as ulli single-phase AC actuator, so it is completely compatible and easy to exchange!
5. This technology can greatly shorten the travel time of large torque actuator, for example, the highspd-200 accelerates from 100S to 15S

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